Faces Gallery
A long series of portraits of important people, actors, scientists, and even faces of ordinary people. Here Petrelli uses the style of the unfinished to give dynamism and to unveil the path of creation to the observer. In reality, all of Petrelli's production is characterized by this imprint. It can be argued that she herself is part of her research. The artist says: "I have never liked those subjects too defined and pigeonholed in a too exaggerated realism".
Countenances Gallery
Contemporary countenances are a very experimental work. These contemporary countenances born from the observation of reality. Life is dynamic. The feelings we experience today, tomorrow will likely change. The style is "Modern Impressionism". The artist’s research begins with evidence monochrome. The faces are always performed first with a piece of charcoal. Afterwards the strokes are very dry and fast. The first work is a little more realistic. Later this style takes various directions. Some times they are evocative and symbolize moods very dramatic. In all cases the artist never loses sight of the expression of the eyes is most likely alive. There is a story told behind every face. Among the several faces there are those of actresses that become refined and elegant renaissance ladies. They are celebrities inserted between anonymous people. It’s not a casuality. Every person has a story and everyone, at all times, we are helpless in front of the life. Precisely for this reason the contemporary countenances of Michele Petrelli are impressive because one can see the elements strongly realistic.
Drawings Gallery
The drawings don't always prepare to something else. The drawing is the oldest form of art. Those of Petrelli are not really preparatory drawings. Most of the time they do not become paintings. They lose their freshness. The artist is always looking for an effect. Then he adds a small part of the painting techniques too. But drawing is still predominant. As well as in the paintings, the artist does not like to define the background. It is mainly mixed with the subjects that seem to break free from it. Petrelli loves the colors of the earth, burnt sienna, ocher, the blood. In some drawings, the artist is limited simply to define the spots from which emerges as a mysterious figure or a castle ("Compassion inhuman"). Strong men are represented or in a static pose or while fighting in compositions full of dynamism. Grotesque characters, caricatures of politicians and monsters finally conclude the series of the favorite subjects for drawings.
Figures Gallery
The figures represent almost all female nudes. The first works emerge from the black and they are illuminated in an almost unnatural way. It is as if the light came from within the body of the subject. It is made with essential brushstrokes. The artist uses a flat brush or a spatula.
Landscapes Gallery
The landscapes takes on the Italian artist's introspective tone. Often the art of landscapes is used as a mood therapy. The artist always starts from the drawing and sometimes he doesn't arrive to color. Other times the color is so light that you can see the white of the canvas. It is used by the artist as hot sunlight. In some paintings as "Taranto old town", "Taranto swing bridge" and "Taranto S. Domenico" the colors are surreal and bring to mind the Fauves. Following Petrelli uses shades of brown soil to achieve especially cityscapes, portals studies and views of the old city. The drawings of the structures are translated into dynamic lines. They mention prospects of geometric forms that become sensationally recognizable. The subjects are castles, modern palaces, temples.
Gallery2015 Gallery
In this gallery2015 they are collected the most important artistic works made before 2015. It is evident the progressive path towards a stylistic maturity. Here you can see scenes of everyday life, grotesque subjects sometimes become horrible. But there are also some beautiful faces of women who approach the sacred. And still fighting ancient battles and scenes, characters from Greek mythology, caricatured faces, all this summarized in many years of research.
Abstracts Gallery
Abstract expressionism - a way of seeing ordinary untied. "The beggining was the word". Word generate sign. Signs generates lines. Lines generates forms...We living in the layer of Form. Here the drawings rapresent these movements. There are elementary movements at the base of all. These abstract artworks born from this concept.