the kinds

What I realize,

  • Traditional painting. It can be made with different well known techniques (graphite / acrylic / oil). The basic support chosen is the non-framed semi-rough wight paper. When the work is finished, it will be shipped between two resistant wooden sheets.
  • The digital painting. To do this, modern artists study different softwares that use the use of an optical pen on a tablet. They look like techniques very far from traditional painting only those who are already a professional with brushes and pencils can actually become a master even in the use of digital tools. The chosen support is the canvas. Here latest-generation inks will be used.The artist certifies that the painting file will be destroyed after printing to guarantee its originality. Petrelli will remain a small format version 850px wide for the personal archive. I give source file (high resolution 300dpi for print) psd on request or .pdf too.
  • The file of the painting. I send the source file (high resolution 300dpi for print) .psd (Photoshop with all processing levels) + a .pdf file ready to print.
Look my galleries for see more paintings. For further details and informations concerning my artistic quest, for knowing something more about my paintings, and my personal way in the world of art, you can contact me personally using Facebook Direct Messanger or this form:

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