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Blender interior dining: Cycles engine

Yafaray blender interior rendering 41min 49sec
photon map
photons: 10000000
search radius: 0.20
search count: 200
sun, sky, arealight, 2 sphere
Photorealistic interior scene with Cycles blender render engine.
Cycles GPU path tracing sample: 1000. render time: 43.04
vignetted in post-production (blender node).
i7-2600 CPU
16 Gb RAM
Nvidia GeForce GTS-450
In the Sellfy .rar folder:
  • I get 3dmodels like table, chairs, library, armchair, lamp, carpet, etc.
  • all material nodes is in the file.
  • all textures are packed in the file.
  • all post-production node too.
  • environment HDRI
– (SELLFY.com) https://sellfy.com/p/XOUK/